75 days. (green > crimson red) [2009, Richard Fery & Judy Theis, ARS/USDA. Introduced 2017 by SESE.] A classic Southern pimento pepper, now with newly added nematode resistance. Very flavorful heart-shaped fruits (2 x 3 in.), thick flesh. Use fresh, roasted, peeled, or canned. Especially well suited for salads, Spanish omelets, or eating out of hand like an apple. Productive plants are tall and sturdy, with good foliage cover. 3 g.
  • Item # 46142B

Sweet Peppers

Capsicum annuum
Please refer to our Pepper Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 0.3 g unless stated (about 36-60 seeds, depending on variety) sows 21-60' of transplants.