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Limited supply. Grow as an annual in temperate areas. Perennial in the tropics. This is the traditional yellow turmeric used in Southeast Asia for centuries in herbal medicine and to add flavor and color to food. Young rhizomes are juicy and crisp with a relatively mild flavor. Cured rhizomes are fibrous and have a stronger flavor. Stems and leaves are also edible. Grows up to 72 in. tall by 30 in. wide. Our Certified Naturally Grown seedlings are sprouted in a soil-less medium in, so that you don’t need as much time to grow usable rhizomes. Sprouted in Virginia from Virginia-grown seedstock. Two seedlings, 2-6 in. tall, about the size of plants in 4-in. pots.

Important shipping information: We ship our seedlings starting in April, to southernmost states first. We are unable to provide seedlings before this time. Ginger and Turmeric plants ship separately from any other items in your order, including turmeric rhizomes.
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