(white) 125 days. [1700s, originating from Native American genuine gourdseed corn. Reselected by Dr. Ralph Singleton and reintroduced 1986 by SESE. Recent seedstock thanks to the Accokeek Foundation.] Large, long, white kernels on fat, short, 3 x 8 in. ears. Kernels shell easily. White cobs, 1-2 ears/stalk, 10-12 ft. plants. Excellent resistance to Southern Leaf Blight, well-adapted to the Mid-Atlantic from Virginia southward. Some variation in seed appearance; we’re selecting for more consistency. Pkt (42 g = 1.5 oz)
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Gourdseed Corn

Zea mays
Please refer to our Corn Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 1½ oz (42g) (about 100 seeds) sows 50'.