Bees and other pollinators need pollen, nectar and shelter all season, from early spring through late fall. Support your pollinators with this special collection of 13 old-fashioned single-blossomed heirloom, open-pollinated flowers and herbs. The white, purple, yellow, and orange colors preferred by pollinators provide beautiful blooms for the gardener as well as food and shelter for honeybees and a variety of native pollinators. Includes calendula, echinacea, cosmos, sweet alyssum, bachelor's button, cleome, sunflowers, rudbeckia, beebalm, phlox, and zinnia, as well as our Gardeners Quick Guide to Welcoming Pollinators and Other Beneficial Insects (click for pdf). We give 30% of your purchase to the Piedmont Environmental Council for their “Buy Fresh Buy Local” Food Guide.
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