(Secale cereale) Rye cover crop is great for controlling erosion, adding organic matter, enhancing soil life, and suppressing weeds. Its extensive root system makes it among the best green manures for improving soil structure. It is an excellent soil renovator and pioneer crop for new fields. Rye is very good at releasing phosphorus and potassium. It also stabilizes excess soil and manure nitrogen. Rye and vetch together are one of the preferred cover crops for no-till tomato planting. Rye is also good for animal grazing; it’s highly palatable and of high nutritional quality, and comes back from grazing and grows again. Rapid establishment and growth together with weed suppression make rye an excellent choice for certified organic growers. Sow Aug. 1-Nov. 15 as a winter cover crop. Plant at 4-6 lbs per 1000 sq. ft., or 60-112 lbs per acre. Pkt (½ lb = 8 oz = 228 g)
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Corn is listed separately from other grains and cover crops. Seed for grain corn can be found here as dent, flint, and flour corn, as gourdseed corn, and as popcorn.