(Hill Onion, Mother Onion, or Pregnant Onion) Ships in fall 2019 (Allium cepa var. aggregatum) [In 1982 SESE reintroduced an heirloom strain dating prior to 1790.] Produces onions up to 4 in. in diameter under good conditions, and 3 in. in diameter under average conditions. Flavorful, yet not strong. This has always been a popular variety with our customers. The Yellow Potato onion has good drought resistance, pink root resistance, and is widely adapted for different growing regions, except Florida and southern Texas. Especially valued for the keeping quality of the small and medium-sized bulbs, which keep 8-12 months under good conditions. We’ve kept small bulbs up to 18 months under ideal conditions. Some old-timers grow this heirloom onion exclusively because it provides all the onions they ever need. Comes with our Garlic and Onion Growing Guide.
  • Item # 66601B

Perennial Onions

Please refer to Perennial Onion Cultural Notes and our Garlic and Perennial Onion Growing Guide for growing information.
Starter Package: Bulbs are sold by weight rather than count. Bulb size varies according to crop conditions and bulbs are usually supplied as mixed sizes. Your starter package includes a free 4-page growing guide which covers perennial onions and garlic.

Important shipping information: Perennial onions ship in the fall as bulbs: September - November. We ship to northern-most areas first. Shipping surcharges apply - $2 for one item, $4 total for any two or more fall shipped items (including garlic and woodland medicinals). Continental U.S. shipping addresses only. We cannot apply priority shipping & handling to perennial onions. Onion bulbs ordered now will be shipped in the fall of 2019. Idaho customers: Alliums, including onion bulbs, can't be shipped to some counties in Idaho. Please see Idaho Quarantine Summary for details.