Millberg Farm

Tim Miller chats with Tim Fields

Texas farmer Tim Miller has been gardening since childhood. A Wisconsin transplant, he learned seed saving and local organic gardening methods from the low-income gardeners he worked with in Austin’s community gardens. Tim uses dryland farming techniques rather than further deplete Texas’s aquifers. Hardy heirloom varieties are central to minimizing his water needs: “You need something that can survive in bone dry conditions through September, only then to be hit by heavy rains and even hurricanes.” He times plantings to the weather, uses trench composting, and collects rainwater. His results have been impressive, with better yields the last four years than neighboring farmers who irrigate.

5-acre Millberg Farm is a one-man operation. Tim keeps it small to avoid having to maintain a tractor – he uses an old-fashioned bicycle plow instead! Tim grows for his very popular CSA and some for market. For Southern Exposure, he grows multiplier onions, perennial leeks, and mustard seed crops.