Rag and Frass Farm

Julia Asherman in the Greenhouse

Julia Asherman named her Jeffersonville, GA farm in deliberate contrast with farm names that sound to her, overly romantic or “like gated communities.” But one of Julia’s main sources of income is outstandingly romantic: growing flowers for weddings. She and her seasonal apprentices also sell vegetables and various crops that are hard to find fresh or local, like ginger, turmeric, and sugar cane syrup. Altogether, her farm has over 100 species! They sell through her local farmers’ market, and through a farmers’ cooperative, and some years through Community Supported Agriculture shares. She has visions of a farm stand and plantings of blueberries and tea.

Julia's been experimenting with seed-saving for years, but 2017 was the first year she grew seed to sell. Seed crops she grew for Southern Exposure include Purple Hyacinth Beans, Alabama Blue collards, Red Foliated White cotton, Egyptian Walking Onions, and Old Fashioned Mix Nicotiana. She's also sold us seed of the Fastigiata Pin Striped peanut (p. 39), an Ecuadorean peanut she's been stewarding for a few years. She's interested in growing more flower seed for us in the future, because it complements her sales of flowers for weddings. In 2017, Julia bought the 54-acre parcel that includes the 3 acres she and her apprentices have been cultivating for the past 4 years. You can read more about her farm on her website, www.ragandfrassfarm.com.