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Tomato Tasting Time: Planning a Fun Garden Party

By Ira Wallace A perfectly ripe heirloom tomato is one of the great joys of summer, eagerly anticipated by gardeners all over the Southeast. I really like introducing folks to the many varieties we shepherd here at Southern Exposure. Every … Continue reading

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Harvesting Tips for 8 Summer Vegetables

Frequent rains and lots of sunshine makes for lots of produce. Here are a few hints for harvesting some of our most popular summer crops. Beans Pay attention to your pods. Fresh, juicy, bright green pods indicate tasty broad, lima, … Continue reading

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Saving Lettuce Seed

We’ve been trying to grow and offer seed for Cosmo lettuce. But we have only a little bit of experience with saving lettuce seed on our own farm, so it’s challenging to get a good seed crop of a large … Continue reading

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