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10 tips for Attracting Bees and other Pollinators and Harvesting Great Cucumbers, Squash and Melons

By Ira Wallace   Photos by Irena Hollowell Abundant harvests of cucumbers, squash, melons and all their cucurbit relatives like gourds depend on having many active pollinators. Each squash or cucumber blossom requires multiple visits to make a perfectly formed fruit. … Continue reading

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Steps Forward in the Fight Against GMOs

May was a great month in the battle for freedom from GMOs. Vermont is on track  to be the first state to require GMO labeling! The law was signed on May 8th by Governer Shumlin, and takes effect July 1st, … Continue reading

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Fermenting Vegetables

Lacto-fermentation is one of the safest methods of food preservation.  You don’t need a starter culture. It requires no electricity, though once created lacto-fermented products are best refrigerated. When you have a surplus of a particular vegetable from your garden, … Continue reading

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