Young Farmer Mixer

We’ll be hosting a Young Farmers’ Mixer on Saturday, October 19th to facilitate an enriching community building experience, provide networking opportunities and have fun. We want to provide young farmers and young farmer recruits with access to examples of financially viable business models for new farms, homesteading resources and land link organizations. We also want to facilitate connections between landowners who want their land in cultivation and land-less farmers. There will be opportunity to link farmers with food justice organizations and illustrate how food justice activism can play into a small farm business.

The event will begin with a tour of Southern Exposure’s seed and trial gardens and a demonstrative seed-saving workshop. The day will end with our second annual Fall Festival complete with dancing, home-grown music, apple folk tales, food, drink and good spirit. If interested, please RSVP to applefolktale at for directions and to let us know what you’d like to bring for the potluck!”

Onwards and upwards! The case against Monsanto

We’ve decided not to take the dismissal of our case by the Court of Appeals meekly and so just filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court to hear our case themselves.  Thus begins another set of months long delays between events.  In the meantime we must keep the pressure on Monsanto and our government.  Here’s the update from our lawyers:

Pollinator Fest on Garlic Chive Blossoms

Our garlic chives have finally started to flower. Normally they would have flowered earlier, but it’s been a cool year so far, as in lower temperatures. Their shaded location probably also causes them to flower a little later.

Garlic Chive blossoms are visited by an impressive range of pollinating insects. Last year I counted 37 kinds in one day: 8 kinds of wasps, 5 kinds of bees, 5 kinds of butterflies, 6 kinds of moths, 6 kinds of flies, 2 kinds of ants, and 5 other kinds of insects. For more about native pollinators, see

Oh, and we can also eat chive flowers, including garlic chive flowers.

Saving the Past for the Future