Farm update: moving into winter & cleaning seed…

Our gardens have slowed down for the winter, but the activity never really stops. In our high tunnel, we’ve recently seeded onions and transplanted collards and parsley (photo on the right). In our outdoor gardens (photo on the left) we’re harvesting lettuce, kale, baby spinach, late carrots, salsify, and storage radishes. Our potato onions have sent up the green shoots and are tucked into mulched beds for winter (photo below).

Our growers are still sending the last of this season’s seed lots, so we’ve been busy with germination tests and putting seeds into packets. We’ve had over 150 germination tests underway at once! We’re finishing cleaning seed from crops we grew on our own farm, including a few experimental crops like tansy, clary sage, and papalo (an herb tasting “somewhere between arugula, cilantro and rue” used in the bouquet in the middle photo above).

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