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Soutern Exposure Seed Exchange December Newsletter

2012 Southern Exposure CatalogThe new 2012 catalog is in the mail...

The catalog arrives in homes in December. If you do not receive your catalog in the next 1–2 weeks, you can request a free copy online. This is our 30th Anniversary Catalog! It includes an article about how Southern Exposure began.

The webstore is fully updated with newly available and returning varieties. We’ve added 37 new varieties, and many varieties are newly available as certified organic seed. Exciting changes include:

Lots of certified organic varieties...

Many of our popcorn and cucumber varieties are newly available certified organic.  South American Yellow Dynamite popcorn showed impressive resistance to lodging in last summer's hurricane rains and Ashley cucumber was a very productive slicer for us all summer.

New Varieties...

We have lots of new southern peas, some newly available as organic certified seed. Fast Lady Northern Southern Pea is a new short season quick-cooking lady-type from Carol Deppe, author of Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties and The Resilient Gardener.

We have a good supply of flavorful, productive Schronce’s Deep Black peanut (but those further north should grow short season varieties instead). We've added a new fava bean - Sweet Lorane fava - which can be grown as a fall or spring crop or as an edible winter cover crop in areas with milder winters. Steve Solomon, founder of Territorial Seed Company, bred it for over-wintering in Oregon's Williamette Valley.

Seed savers may be particularly interested in growing Trinidad peppers, as they're a different species than almost all other peppers (except for Aji Dulce and scotch bonnets like Habanero). These sweet little yellow peppers have only a trace of spiciness and one of our growers, Jack Woodworth of O'possom's Bottom Farm in Gate City, Virginia, recommends baking them stuffed with goat cheese.

trinidad pepperfloriani red flint cornchoppee okra

Drying beans now have their own section in the catalog. Black Turtle Bean comes to us from the student farm at Berea College in Kentucky. Heirloom Scaly Bark watermelon dates to at least 1881. We find the thick rind helps these watermelons hold up blemish-free until late in the season. The mottled light and dark green rind is very pretty, becoming rough like tree bark just before harvest. Lark's Tongue kale is an 1800s German variety that survives sub-zero temperatures and may perennialize in areas with mild winters and summers.

In tomatoes, we've added Amy's Apricot, an OP tomato we think may be just as tasty as Sun Gold, and Aunt Lou's Underground Railroad, an heirloom tomato with a great story. Many will be happy to see German Red Strawberry is once again available. By popular demand, we've added heirloom tomatoes San Marzano (for sauces, also excellent dried) and Japanese Black Trifele (a black pear-shaped slicer from Russia).

drying beans, heirloomsan marzano tomato amy's apricot cherry tomato

Sweet Potatoes...

We're offering certified organic sweet potato slips for spring shipping. Check out all 8 new varieties and 3 specially priced mixes. These are exclusively available online.

Violetta Sweet Potato

O'Henry Sweet Potato

Ginseng Sweet Potato

All Purple Sweet Potato

Bradshaw Sweet Potato

winter foods cookbook from Brett GrohsgalNew Books...

Brett Grohsgal’s new cookbook Winter Foods has recipes featuring a huge variety of winter vegetables.  Learn how to store, prepare and cook your winter roots and greens. Brett's Even' Star Organic Farm bred our selection of extra winter-hardy greens.

We don't normally carry books about animal husbandry, but we've made an exception for Virginia farmer Harvey Ussery’s Small Scale Poultry Flock, since it’s not just about how to care for your chickens, ducks, and other fowl, but how to integrate poultry into the homestead.  Learn how your birds can help with garden bed prep and be part of a whole farm system.

Check out the rest of our library >>

Stop by Ira Wallace's Gardening in the Southeast

gardening in the southeast with ira wallace

Our own Ira Wallace is blogging for Mother Earth News about gardening in the Southeast, featuring heirloom varieties and how to cook from your garden year round.

More local stores are carrying our seeds...

local stores seed rack

Visit your local Southern Exposure seed rack - find the store nearest you carrying our seeds on the Retails Stores page.

Winter gardening at our farm

fall gardening at SESE

Read the farm update on the Southern Exposure Blog.

Still More Winter Events!

At this year's Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VABF) Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference, February 10-11, in Richmond, VA, join Southern Exposure's Ira Wallace and Southwest Virginia seed grower Richard Moyer for a pre-conference workshop on the business end of growing organically produced seed for sale. “Transitioning to Organic Agriculture” is the theme for this year's conference.

We donate 10% of all events sales to the Organic Seed Alliance. Support sustainable regional agriculture and visit us to buy seeds at these upcoming conferences...

Jan 18–21 Southern SAWG Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms Conference • Little Rock, AR
Jan 19–21 Organic Seed Alliance 6th Organic Seed Growers Conference • Port Townsend, WA
Feb 1–4 PASA Sustainable Agriculture Conference • State College, PA
Feb 10–11 Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VABF) Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference • Richmond, VA


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